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Whether you need your current septic system evaluated or or need a new home purchase inspection, we’ve got you covered.

Before having a septic system installed, soil testing is a key step to understanding your property’s soil composition, it’s absorption rate, and the size of the leach field required to manage the wastewater. All of these factors directly impact the scope and design of a properly functioning septic system for your property.

A key part of soil testing and analysis is performing a percolation test. A 6-12in wide hole is dug 8-10ft deep. Water is poured into the hole and the drainage conditions, water table levels, and absorption rate of the soil are noted. The results of this testing are submitted to the local council, along with the septic design plan, for approval and permits before any installation can begin.

Signs your septic system is in need of repair or replacement:

If any of these conditions are noted on your property, contact us to schedule a consultation to have your current system evaluated.

Once the evaluation and soil tests are complete, we will create a septic system solution for you complete with septic design and suitability drawings (compliant with Section 19-13-B100A of the State of Connecticut Building Codes), which we will submit to your local council for approval.

We design and install systems using the latest high tech green solutions.

Certified GreenLeach Installer
GreenLeach systems provide enhanced filtration of domestic sewage which allows construction of smaller leaching – ideal in small area zoning communities and in sites containing large amounts of ledge rock.

About Us

Trust your septic system to William Dexter.

For three generations, members of the Dexter family have been installing and maintaining septic systems in Fairfield County, Connecticut. William Dexter is heir to that legacy.

Whether you need an in-depth septic inspection for a new home purchase, soil testing, or repair of malfunctioning system, William Dexter is your best choice. We have designed and installed more than 900 systems using the latest technology in the challenging geography of Southwestern Connecticut.

Providing septic solutions for Southwestern CT since 1933.

Trust. Knowledge. Expertise.

William Dexter Is
A 3rd Generation Locally-Owned And Operated Fairfield County Septic Service Contractor.

Because we are familiar with the geography and geology of Southwestern Connecticut, we are uniquely qualified to solve the most difficult challenges – residential and commercial.

We handle the complete permit process, working with local health departments, conservation commissions, wetlands offices, water companies, and, when necessary, the state health department. All reports and proposals are filed in a timely fashion so that necessary permits are issued expediently. From initial site visit (at no commitment) to final reseeding and landscape restoration. Your job will receive the attention and respect it deserves.

Frequently Asked

There are several components and variables that affect the overall cost of a septic system. Key to determining the full cost will be the soil testing, which will help to guide the overall design of the septic system. Other factors that affect cost are the size of the system, the local terrain and watershed, as well as ease of access to the site.

Fortunately, William Dexter will take all these elements into consideration when calculating the real cost of your project. The price you are given is the final cost. Once the contract is signed, there will be no additional costs or surprise fees for the scope of work outlined in the agreement.

Signs your septic system is in need of repair or replacement:

If any of these conditions are noted on your property, contact us to schedule a consultation to have your current system evaluated.

YES! Simply watch our videos and many of your questions and concerned will be addressed!

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Why choose us

Fully Licensed, Bonded, And Insured

State Licensed Septic Installer

Customer Support

From initial site consultation and permit process through final landscape restoration.

Exact Cost

We give customers an exact cost on projects. With us, there are no surprise fees or add-ons.

Extensive Knowledge

As a third generation septic contractor in southwestern CT, we know the territory – local geography, geology, and bureaucracy – ensuring a thorough and seamless project completion.

Green Solutions

We are certified installers of the latest high tech leaching solutions which limit environmental impact.


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The Bitterness of Poor Quality remains long after the Sweetness of Low Price is forgotten.

- Benjamin Franklin

What Our Customers Say

Bill, Thank you so much for coming and saving me from my septic woes. It is so wonderful to know that there are still kind, gentle, honest people in the world!
Hi Bill, I am so appreciative of all you did to get our septic work done so quickly so we could close on time. You worked really hard, and it didn’t go unnoticed. You saved the day, and I really felt that I was in good hands.
Both our septic system and site were challenging, with complicated engineering and setback requirements. William Dexter and his team did their expert work with great care of the surrounding nature and adherence to all codes and environmental requirements. The site is more beautiful than it was when we began the project, with terraced stonework to hold our multi-level pump-up system. Bill continues to reliably service our system for ongoing maintenance. We highly recommend William Dexter Septic for their expertise and workmanship.
William, Thank you for resolving the issues with our septic system. We enjoyed working with you and your crew and you all went above and beyond with your thoughtful approach and your attention to detail.
Dear Bill, David and I want to thank you for your assistance during our recent septic issues. You and your team were phenomenal and professional and we appreciate all that you did for us.
William Dexter, you are a true gentleman and professional, and my husband and I are amazed at how you replaced our septic so fast, and then transformed our backyard septic area into a beautifully landscaped oasis. Thank you!


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We are very proud to be serving our local area for three generations!
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